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Series Rules:
A series is a set of kits, either mailed or held in the shop each month. Each kit includes the canvas, stitch guide and threads. When you sign up for a series, you will pay a deposit which is applied towards the cost of your last kit. However, if you quit the series early, the deposit is forfeited. If you want to sign up for an ongoing series, we will ask you to buy several kits at a time in order to "catch up." Older series may be ordered as kits - individually or as a set. We cannot, however, send them out one per month after the initial "run" of the series.

Kelly Clark Nativity
Victorian Halloween
Victorian Halloween           
Victorian Christmas
Victorian Christmas            
boot series
Boot Series
    Please call to sign up!
A Year of Texas (June 2016)
Mrs. Pig
Strawberries & Cream (April 2016)
Samplers (January 2014)
Mrs. Pig
Mrs. Pig and Candy Hearts (July 2013)
Elegant Ornaments
Elegant Ornaments (July 2012)
Victorian Thanksgiving Children
Victorian Thanksgiving (Fall 2010)
Rustic Crosses
Casual Crosses (November 2011)
Fancy Crosses
Fancy Crosses (November 2011)
Texas Hearts
Texas Hearts (September 2011)
Victorian Valentine
Victorian Valentine
Give Thanks
Give Thanks (September 2010)
Victorian 4th of July Valentine
Victorian 4th of July
Belt Buckles
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