Saturday at the Shop - February 12, 2022

We are LOVING this week's stitch as we are all things hearts and love around the shop.   

This is a laid fill stitch which essentially means we lay one long stitch either horizontally, vertically or diagonal (the latter is a more advanced stitch).  

We are using 3 threads: 1) laid filling, 2) heart stitch, and 3)cross stitch.  The laid filling stitch (which is the pink stitch in graph below) is typically a wool, silk, or flat ribbon thread).  The heart stitch is the primary stitch and is beautiful in an overdyed thread like Threadworx Overdyed Floss, Wildflowers, or Watercolours along with any solid color silk, cotton or wool.  The cross stitch (red colored stitch in the graph below) is where I like to add a little sparkle like Silk Lame, Kreinik or Overdyed Kreinik.  

The beauty of this stitch is it could be used as a background or actually on a heart.  While the sample below is stitched in all pale pink, it would be super cuter to do the laid stitch and cross stitch in white with the heart in red.  This is a great stitch to use contrasting colors.  

Check out live demo of Krista teaching us how to stitch on Instagram @Chaparral_Needlework.