Saturday at the Shop - January 29, 2022

This week we are thinking about smaller areas and how we can make them interesting.  It could be used for animal fur, dress or coats.....think smaller items like ornaments.  Having said this, the picture in today's post I used this stitch as the background stitch on a custom monogrammed piece.  

There are 3 different stitches used, and I love using a different thread for each section.  However, for animal fur, it will be fine to use the same thread for all 3 stitches.  The primary stitch (hot pink in graph below) is best in an overdyed floss, silk or wool.  The larger accent stitch (green stitch in graph below) can be anything shiny, but I really like using a ribbon thread (make sure it lays flat).  The tiny tent stitch (blue stitch) is great with Kreinik or Treasure Braid.  

Everyone seems to have their "Go To" stitch on this smaller scale.  This is another alternative besides the traditional Nobuko and Diagonal Mosaic.  Try it, you will like it!!!

Check out live demo of Krista teaching us how to stitch on Instagram @Chaparral_Needlework.