12/4/22 - Sunday Stitches Week 12

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I am so excited because we are now starting Chapter 2 - Diagonal Stitches. While I usually don't use diagonal stitches for backgrounds, they have many great purposes which we will discuss as we work through this chapter.  Let's get started!

Contrasting Open Byzantine, page 62

I am a big fan of Byzantine stitches.  It is easy to enlarge or shrink the stitches depending on the area you are stitching.  What I love about Mary's version is it leaves an open stitch between each diagonal row.  Skipped stitches always amaze me because it adds texture without any extra effort.  Instead of looking like we forgot to stitch the row, it gives a variation in height and thus more visual interest.  In additon, Mary has us alternate threads.  This can be done with 2 different colors or stitch in monchromatic colors, but different thread types (you know my favorite....silk and sparkly)!!  This is such a versatile stitch and can be used in almost any area; however, it is a "must try" on floors, carpets & rugs.  See our Instagram page post from October 22, 2022 when we teach this stitch live.

Diagonal Darning, page 63

This is a really simple and great open stitch.  I would use this on a canvas which is beautifully painted, and you want the painting to be visible.  For example, a beautiful sky is a great example.  Full confession, I actually liked this stitch more than I thought I would.  It fills up more of the canvas than I thought it would.  

Diagonal Pairs, page 64

There are 4 different version of this stitch, and there are 3 pics of examples.  I think this is a great stitch where you want full coverage in a smaller area.  Be sure to try this stitch vs your "go to" stitch......instead of nobuko or criss cross hungarian, give this one a try!  It is a good one!

Daigonal Scitch & Cashmere Variation, page 65

I was so excited to try this stitch because I am crazy about scotch stitches!  This version does not disappoint.  This would be beautiful on a coat in velvet and silk lame.  The beauty of diagonal stitches on clothing is you can stitch the diagonal in the opposite direction for the opposite side of the clothing.   The example is stitching in Pepper Pot and Silk Lame.  See our Instagram page post from November 12, 2022 when we teach this stitch live.





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