7/10/22 - Week 2 - Sunday Stitches

Posted by Heidi Henrichs on

Welcome to Week 2 of the Sunday Stitches Challenge.  This week we are showing the next 4 stitches from Mary Legallet's book, Whimsical Stitches Volume 3.  We are still in Chapter 1, Balanced Stitches.

The first stitch is on page 12 and is called Alternating Diamonds.  When looking at the chart of  this stitch in the book, it looks like a trellis stitch, but once it is stitched it looks more like hour glasses to me.  Once again, I thought this would need to be used for a large area, but I think this is simply not true.  It would look great in smaller area, as well.  I like the idea of using for clothing, trees and greenery (perhaps use Boucle of Arctic Rays on the tiny diamond).  It would also make a great border which is over 4 canvas threads!  One final word, Alicia's Lace is a "go-to" stitch for lots of people, this is a great stitch to substitute, try it!


The next stitch is called Alternating Diamonds Variation (pg. 13).  This stitch is a modified stitch from the above stitch, but boy does it look different.  I was expecting them to look real similar, but I was so wrong.  This stitch is more open which would make a great background.  You could also anchore a sequin with a bead in the middle of the open section.....I am thinking this would be great on a Halloween Canvas!!

The next stitch found on page 14 is called Alternating Cashmere with Accents.  I love how Mary adds one small tweak to the familiar Cashmere stitch (Silk Lame tent stitches in picture below) because it gives us an opportunity to add a contrasting thread.  Remeber, we love to use multiple threads on stitches....base threads are often silk, floss, cotton or wool, and then the accent threads have textural interest (e.g. sparkle, boucle is "bumpy" or Silk Road Fibers).  I love using an Overdyed Silk for the base thread.  *****After closer inspection of this picture, you will see a couple spots where I missed the Silk Lame stitches....apparently I need to send this to the QC department next time!!


The final stitch is called Alternating Tied Diagonal Pairs (page 15).  This stitch was more difficult for me to stitch, and I think it is because I did not use stretcher bars.  Since I am stitching small samples, I have been holding the canvas in my hand, but on a stitch like this which requires lots of counting, I would recommend having your canvas on stretcher bars!  Having made this discolsure, I love how it looks!!  It reminds me of a traditional Southern home....

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  • These are so interesting. Love the inspiration you share. Thank you so much.

    Betty Lowdermilk on
  • Do we sign up somewhere to continue with Sunday Stitches?

    Lou Frame on
  • I just love what you’re doing here. Will eagerly continue to follow along! Thank you for the great idea.

    Janise on
  • I am loving following along! What a gift!

    Krissy N on
  • Thank you so much. I will be in to get the book to follow along!!!

    Susan Babendure on

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