7/3/22 - Week 1 - Sunday Stitches

Posted by Heidi Henrichs on

Welcome to Week 1 of the Sunday Stitches Challenge.  We are starting with the first 4 stitches from in Mary Legallet's book, Whimsical Stitches Volume 3.  The first Chapter is called Balanced Stitches.

The first stitch is great for small areas....try this if you are tired of using T-Stitch or Diagonal Mosaic.  Just go for it!  We also taught this stitch on Saturday at the Shop 6/18/22, so check it out!

The second stitch is what I refer to as a "Trellis" stitch.  It would be a beautiful background or in a large area.....for example, I am sitting in the shop looking at a Fall canvas with a huge terra cotta flower pot...this is the perfect stitch for this area!!  In addition, you could also fill in this stitch with a Silk Lame or Neon Rays+ with a Smyrna Cross, FANCY!!

Next up is my favorite stitch this week.  It is a "Scotch" variation which I just love....I think it might appeal to the accountant in me with the balanced stitches.  You can also modify this stitch by using 2 different threads in the scotch section (e.g. us a Neon Rays for the center stitch in the same color) which will add another layer of texture!    We also taught this stitch on SATS 6/25/22.

The final stitch this week is Kelly's favorite from this week.  It is a "Byzantine" which reminds me of stair steps.  There are a lot of stitches, so go slow completing one row and one color at a time (this is only a suggestion, so if your brain looks at it differently, go for it)!  This is a great stitch if you have polka dots because you stitch the byzantine stitches in monotone threads and then make the scotch stitch in the polka dot color.....same concept with a night sky where byzantine stitches are blue and scotch would be silver/white to represent stars!

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  • Thank you for expanding my repertoire.

    Katie Preast on
  • Thank you for sharing these wonderful stitches! It’s such a great resource. So glad I have the book and can get some great inspiration from your blog!

    Helen S. on
  • Wonderful stitches can’t wait to try them. Also, I love book three. Question: would you address in doing an open stitch in a color on white canvas. What is your opinion of this? In you demos you do it so to see stitches very well but like what you showed today on SATS with the liquor bottles, white canvas colored thread. Thanks, Mary Burton

    Mary Wilmans Burton on
  • Thanks, Heidi and Kelly. You help us all to push to become better stitchers. You’re both very talented! Love the new blog!

    Angie Brickson on
  • I think my favorite is what you called the Trellis stitch, number 2 today. It is rich looking.

    Geraldine Trappey on

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