7/24/22 - Week 4 Sunday Stitches

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I can hardly believe it has been one month since the blog started.....I kinda feel like I am hitting my stride and LOVING every minute of it!!  This week we are still in Chapter 1 and begin with Connected Hexagon Pairs on page 21.  This is a very open stitch which would make a great background.  Think stockings, large pillows and beautifully painted areas.  This is a fast stitch which is another great benefit.  I think it is begging to be stitched with a silk either solid color or overdyed.

The second stitch is Diamond Leaves on page 22.  Boy this is a GREAT stitch to have in your arsenal whenever stitching small birds/feathers, trees, shrubs and foliage.  While this looks like a big stitch in the book, it is actually what I would call a small stitch and great for ornaments and smaller areas.  Diamond Leaves is essetially an Alicia's Lace stitch over 2 canvas threads with a tiny leaf stitch in the middle.  I stitched the trellis with Pepper Pot and the leaf stitch in Silk Lame.  I cannot wait to use this one!

The third stitch is a stitch called Diamond & Cross Stitch Composite was taught on Saturday at the Shop (7/16/22).  It reminds me of snowflakes and would be great for a starry sky, snow on the ground, or a snowy sky.  I also think it would make a great santa suit using Very Velvet and Kreinik.  The sample is stitched in Pepper Pot for the base stitch and Silk Lame for the fill-in stitch.  This is my favorite stitch from this week....problably because it is both symmetrical and feminine at the same time.  

The 4th and 5th stitch this week are modified versions of the same stitch.  The 4th one is called Diamond & Bead Columns on page 24.  It is a very open stitch with beads.  Obviously, this is screaming background, but the other fun thing would be a tablecloth.  There are some great "kitchen" canvases which can be made into small pillows by simply adding a background.  I think this stitch looks like a tablecloth which lends nicely to kitchen-themed canvases!  

The last stitch is called Diamond & Bead Columns with Upright Crosses on page 25.  This is the same stitch as above excipt the trellis is filled in with an upright cross.  I just love how Mary has us use beads.  It adds both texture and sparkle.  You can use a matching colored bead or a contrasting color.  What fun!

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