7/31/22 - Sunday Stitches Week 5

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Can you believe this is the last day of July???  We are in prime stitching season down South because it is so HOT outside....we now begin the 6 week countdown to the middle of September when hopefully the weather will begin to cool off.  Enough of the weather report, let's talk stitches!!  This week I had fun stitching the samples as these stitches were completely different from anything I have ever stitched in the past.  

The first stitch is called Double Diamonds with Upright Crosses.  It is very similar to the last stitch from last week.  It is another trellis variation.....I love a trellis stitch.  This stitch is versatile and great for lots of areas including of course, backgrounds and flowers, clothing, geometric shapes (e.g. flags, squares, etc).  It can be stitched with monchromatic colors or add an accent color with the "plus" stitch.  

Up next is Double Octagons on page 27.  This is a VERY open stitch which I think is truly fabulous.  I really like to use these shapes for the background on larger canvases.  This stitch is not going to be the star of the show, but add a great accent to the overall piece.  In addition, a smyrna cross could be added the the center of the octagon to resemble snow or stars in a night sky.  We have a large Fall canvas in the shop, and this would make a great background, espeically if stitched in Straw Silk neutral tan color.....very "Fall-like (can you tell I am dreaming of cooler weather???).  This stitch could also be used in large areas or light stitching over an entire canvas in one color (remember how we showed concentric squares on Saturday at the Shop).  This stitch is not for every canvas, but please earmark to use on your large backgrounds!

The thrid stitch is called Double Squares on page 29.  I just love a geometric square stitch.  This was easy to stitch, and nothing wrong with using 3 different colors/types of threads.  Since there are open centers, this is great in an area with beautiful painting which is begging to be highlighted (and perhaps harder to stich due to color changes).  The sample threads remind me of a baby blanket which means it could be used on the background of a Baby's First Christmas ornament!

This next stitch is my fave this week......Edith Stitch on page 29.  I absolutley love what I refer to as 4-sided stars (some people may see them as flowers).  There is everything you could want.....symmetry, multiple threads and beading.  If you are not a fan of beading, then add an upright cross or leave it off altogether.    I love this stitch for sky, snow, santa's coat and backgrounds.  If using for an evening sky, the middle star stitch can be stitched in a color which matches the the primary thread, let's say it is navy.  The center cross stitch would also be stitched in a shiny navy color, but you can also some silver stars.  Notice the diagonal line of the these stitches of the center cross stitches.  One diagonal line can be stitched in navy; however, the next diagonal line, stitch every other cross in silver to represent stars, and then repeat.  I find this gives a random appearance of stars, but I really don't have to fret over where to put the silver stitches because it is actually a pattern.  Feel free to make up your own pattern!

The final stitch is Filled Hourglasses on page 30.  There are so many uses for this stitch!  When looking at the graph in the book, it reminds me of a patriotic stitch.  However, once stitched, I realized this can be used just about anywhere.  I was so tickled with how the stitched sample looked, I texted Mary a picture.  She also loves this stitch and sent me a pic where it was used on a flower petal.  This stitch is a great detail stitch (including smaller areas)!

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  • I really like your blog!! I read it and have Mary’s book in my lap at the same time. There’s one stitch (double diamonds with upright crosses) you did in an over dyed thread that I think looks messy. Just my opinion but I think the diamonds would look better in a solid. Please don’t take it personally. I look forward to every Saturday and Sunday with you!

    Lynda Hoffman on

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