8/14/22 - Sunday Stitches Week 7

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I am so excited about this week because we are stitching almost everything except the kitchen sink!!  I just love Mary's humor!!  In Volume 2, she also does 3 variations of the kitchen sink.  They all the same base stitch which is kinda circular (always reminds me of stars, but I don't think anyone else calls them this except me), and the middle stitches vary with each version.  The base stitch in Volume 3 was kinda confusing for me.  It's not a hard stitch, but my brain is trained to do a mosaic type stitch where the stitch has a large-small-large-small pattern.  However, this stitch does not grow and shrink, but it is always over 2 canvas threds/intersictions.  Long story short, this one made me pay attention!!!  Let's get started.....

Kitchen Sink 2 page 35 (version 1)

I think this version is my favorite.  Each of the middle secitons are filled in wth 2 different versions of stitches.  I love the one with 4 plus signs.....it is just different!  All of the Kitchen Sink stitches make excellent backgrounds or any large area.  All the samples are stitched on 13 mesh.  In this version, I used 2 ply of Wildflowers for the base stitch, Silk Lame for the plus stitches and Flair/Silk Lame for the 8 point star.  

Kitchen Sink 2 page 36 (version 2)

The next 2 versions use beads which I did not stitch, but used a vertical or plus stitch instead.  I am having difficulty putting beads in my binder of stitches, so I may make occassionally replace beads with an alternate stitch (I hope Mary does not mind)!!  It's kinda like the complimentary stitch guides we write, we say they are a "guide" to get the stitcher started.....they can change it as they see fit.....we are not the Needlepoint Police!  This version leaves one row of stars completely open and fills one row with a 4 point star.  This would be great for a beautifully painted background which you hate to cover up!

Kitchen Sink 2 page 37 (version 3)

The last version was also taught on Saturday at the Shop on August 7th.  It is a fuller coverage version of the stitch and one where you could use lots of different threads which I love.  Which one is your favorite????

Now, I did a version 4 of the stitch (I hope I make Mary proud)....my point being, use the base stitch and fill in however it suits you!!  This version is more open. 

Moving on from the Kitchen Sink, up next is Large Diamonds with Upright crosses and Beads on page 38.   I just love this stitch!!!  I chose not to include the beads (space issue in binder), but I still think it looks great.  This is a larger stitch, but I love the thought of doing the diamonds in red velvet on a Santa suit.  This one will need to be in future stitch guides!!

Our last stitch is called Large Pinwheel on page 39 and was taught on Saturday at the Shop on Augster 14th.  This stitch was also deceptive, and I found it to be more of an advanced stitch.  The base stitch (pinwheel with an "X" in the middle) is a great one to have in your repetoire and can be stitched as shown in the book.  Or, it can be separated and stitched in columns or staggered columns.  Regardless of how you choose to stitch it, I think the stitch is great for a night sky or even ground (snow or grass). 



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