8/28/22 - Sunday Stitches Week 8

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After taking an unexpected week off, I am back in the saddle and tackling more of Mary Legallet's Whimsical Stitches Volume 3.  Let's get to it!

The first stitch is called Leaf Columns on page 40.  This stitch would be great on a Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving canvas as well as a canvas with a bird.  I stitched the long stitches in a Pepper Pot and the leaves in an Overdyed Kreinik.  The contrast between the two threads has a great affect.  Here is a funny thing, the first pic was my first attempt at this stitch.  The long stitches were sttiched first, and the the leaf stitches were filled in.  Apparently, I stitched the long stitches in a diagonal pattern versus an alternating pattern and ended up with the wrong sittch.  Just wanted to show this to you because 1) all of us can make mistakes, and 2) sometimes mistakes result in new stitches!!  Both of these stitches could be used!

Here is the incorrect/happy mistake stitch:

Here is Mary's stitch:


The next 3 stitches are versions of a boxed herringbone.  The first one is called Long Herringbone Tile on page 41 which I stitched on 13 mesh in Silk & Ivory.  While I really like this stitch, I think next time I would stitch with a 3-4 ply silk/floss.  The pattern would show up better than using a fuller coverage thread.  In addition, I used a straight stitch versus beads for the center stitch...you can chosse to use beads, as well.  It goes without saying that any herringbone stitch is great for a floor.  I am thinking the floors/rungs of Strictly Christmas stockings.  This first herringbone stitch is a tighter knit stitch compared to the next stitches.  

The next 2 stitches are very similar, so I stitched one sample.  One has a fill in stitch in the middle of herringbone bar while the other has a  fill in stitch in between each bar.  I stitched both in the sample.....three different ways to used the Long Herrinbone Tile Variation on pages 42-43.  The threads used are Pepper Pot and Silk Lame.  As mentioned in the prior stitch, this would be great for flooring, but I also love using this for clothing....I am thinking a suit jacket for Santa!

The last stitch is called Oval Octagons on page 44.  I LOVE these kind of stitches!!!!  Mary shows it as a complete open stitch which makes for a great background stitch which you do not want to stand out.  It would look great on a canvas with aninals becasue it reminds me of chicken wire for some reason.  However, you can also fill in with an eyelet, smyrna cross or elongated star stitch if you want fuller coverage background.  The possibilities are endless!!


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