9/4/22 - Sunday Stitches Week 9

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Is it really September already????  I, for one, am really excited because this is my favorite time of the year.  Probably because it is the beginning of holiday decorating.  For the most part I don't like a lot of clutter, but this changes when it comes to holiday decorating...there can never be too much which also means there are lots of stitching opportunities!!  Two of our stitches this week remind me of one-sided feathers which plays into Fall with owls, turkeys and birds.  So fun!

Parquet with Accents, page 50

Our first stitch was actually taught yesterday on Saturday at the Shop.  This stitch turned out to be a pleasant surprise as it is different, easy to compensate and looks good in smaller areas.  Sometimes we can get in a rut and do the same stitches over and over again....we all have our go to stitches....diagonal mosaic, nobuko, mine is checkerboard cross.  These are all great stitches, but we also like to shake things up, and Mary lets us break out of the mold with this stitch.  It can be stitched monchromatically as it is in the example (pepper pot and Silk Lame), or you could do the tent stitches in an accent color.  This is a must try stitch.  

Quilted Diamond, page 51

You know me I like any stitch which looks like a trellis, and this one is no different.  This will make a great background stitch for a larger canvas, and it will also go fast....always a bonus in my book!  There are two diamonds an inner and outer one.  In the example, the outer one is stitched in Pepper Pot while the innder diamond is stitched in YLI Shimmer Blend which is a ribbon.  You could reverse this method or use all ribbon or all silk.  If you wanted more coverage the inside could be filled in with a Smyrna Cross or Eyelet stitch...lots of options.  One last option is you could do a 3rd smaller diamond in the middle which would be a retro look, think of the 70's!!


Running Stitch with Diagonal Blocks (Vertical & Horizontal), pages 52-53

This is the stitch reminds me of feathers, thus I am thinking Fall!!  It looks like stripes which I also love.  This would make a geat background, but it would also work nicely into larger leaves, clothing, shapes, etc.  In the sample, I stitched using Theadworx Overdyed Floss, but you could also use 2 different threads.  For instance, the straight stitches in silk and diagonal (half feathers) in sparkle (e.g. Silk Lame, Kreink, Fyre Werks) or Silk Road Fibers.  




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  • Thank you for taking on this project! It brings Mary’s books to life. I like the running stitch and your choice of threads. I’m going to use it for the background on my current wip

    Lynda Hoffman on
  • Thank you so much for posting! I love these and they’ve given me just the inspiration I need for my next pieces!

    Katharine Senter on

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